Imagine banks that support prosperity for everyone - not just the rich.

The Public Banking Institute is an education, research, and action organization dedicated to fostering a new economy based on a network of publicly-owned banks that operate in the public interest.  This is not a new or radical idea - there are abundant successful examples of public banking around the world - but currently only one in the US, where Wall Street has tried to erase the idea from our collective memories for over a century. 

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Our current private banking system has presided over and directly led to the greatest concentration of wealth in human history, not to mention stagnant wages and recurring recessions for the rest of us.  In contrast, public banks empower small businesses, students, homeowners, city and state governments, and community banks to prosper and thrive.

PBI is at the forefront of the public banking movement in the 21st century.  We are pioneering something truly revolutionary: a banking and monetary system for all of us.

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