2018: The Year of the Public Bank


Photo by Ryan Hyde / Flickr

As the new year dawns, people around the country are waking up to the power of a Public Bank. Tireless work from PBI-affiliated grassroots Public Banking advocates around the country has brought this issue to the forefront at both state and city levels. Next City just described Public Banking as the #1 best urban trend of 2017, a trend we know will only magnify in 2018.

The Public Banking Institute has been featured in Nonprofit Quarterly as a key engine behind this growing national awareness. It notes, "as frustration with the financial services industry mounts, the public banking idea is gaining increasingly widespread support."

Prepare for a year of intense action as we present legislatures with answers, expound on the many reasons for Public Banks, and organize strong public community support. We will be redoing our website, producing short sharable videos, and updating all social media channels. Be sure you are connected to our current new Facebook page, revamped Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo for all the work to come. We will need your support this year more than ever!


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