Black money projects are killing the economy: interview with Ellen Brown

171121_ellen_interview_1026.jpgSarah Westhall, host of the national radio show "Business Game Changers," recently interviewed PBI Chair Ellen Brown on her show to discuss the shape of our economy.

Ellen Brown: 

“Every 20 or 30 years we have changed the monetary system. We can and we will change it again. That’s what the Federal Reserve did in 2008 ... they started just lending free money to the banks, which they hadn’t done before, and called it Quantitative Easing. ... 

"If [the Chinese] have some bad loans, they just write them off. Because nobody’s hurt — nobody actually put up the money. The money was just created as an accounting entry, so you can write off those accounting entries if you need to, to save your economy. You don’t need to force austerity on people who didn’t do it, who weren’t liable for it, who weren’t at fault. We pretend like money is actually owed to someone, but it’s not. It was created as credit on the books — it can be written off.

Why are we doing it? To force governments to privatize. ... The globalists want to own everything. They want an independent system that’s not controlled by government. They want to buy up everything that government currently owns, which is us — everything the people currently own collectively — they want to buy it up, they want to own it, and they want to rent it back to us. ... 

They want to put cities into bankruptcy. They don’t want cities to get cheap credit. ... They could just as easily have given cities 0% interest loans just as they gave the banks 0% interest loans. Congress won’t do it because they too are controlled by big business interests.

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