What If People Owned the Banks?

Jimmy Tobias of The Nation offers a comprehensive look at city-based public banking efforts in Oakland, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He also provides background on the only public bank in the US—the Bank of North Dakota—and offers solid economic reasons why cities and states should consider establishing a public bank. Read more

Banking On Our Country

Frank Sanitate’s Opinion piece in the Santa Barbara News-Press was met with strong, public support, including some elected officials. Public Bank advocates are ready to help Santa Barbara County take a deeper look at the Public Banking Solution. Officials are eager to find a realistic way to deal with their budget short-fall. Others are curious about what kind of non-taxed-based revenue a public bank could generate that might be used to pay for crucial public services, and things like affordable housing so that their teachers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and other key employees can live closer to where they work. Read more

How the Quakers Put the PUBLIC in Banking

During the third week of June, hundreds of southwestern Quakers met for their annual gathering at Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico. The theme was “About Money: a call to Integrity, Community and Stewardship”. While there, I spoke about Quakers’ history with public banking, and about the explosion in public banking efforts happening across our land. The gentle folk left their week of retreat fired up and ready to advocate for public banking in their own towns, cities and states. Read more

The Meaning of the Murphy Win

PBI Chair Walt McRee and PBI’s NJ State Coordinator Joan Bartl attended a victory party for NJ gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy in Princeton, NJ last week, celebrating the beginning of a new era of mainstream acceptance of public banking in American public policy.  What does it mean for the movement? Read more

When Deutsche Bank Wobbles, Wall Street Gets Shaky Knees

A report issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called out Deutsche Bank as “the most important net contributor to systemic risks.” Read more

Oakland Public Bank Feasibility Study Delayed

Some observers perceive foot-dragging and opposition from City Hall. Read more

Resisting the New Feudalism & The Economics of Happiness

Check out this week's radio show. Read more

Cities and States Prefer Public Banks to Wall Street

Alarmed by the corruption and greed of Wall Street, many US cities and states are studying the feasibility of establishing public banks. Read more

It's Our Money: Can History Please Not Repeat Itself?

The earliest days of private banking cartels in America occurred before we were the United States. The pattern of private capital determining government policy is centuries old... Read more

Oakland Holds Community Forum on Public Banking

The idea of creating a public bank in Oakland is under serious consideration, a move that could help the city's cannabis industry access financial services and free up more funds for lending and infrastructure development. Read more


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