Actually, Public Banks Can Be GREAT for Communities

According to a recent Op-Ed in the Seattle Times by Michael Waite, former candidate for Seattle treasurer, public banks create conflicts of interest and are a disservice to the taxpayer. Not so fast, Michael. Public banks have an excellent track record in helping states and cities finance infrastructure, among other public services.

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The Italian Banking Crisis: No Free Lunch - Or Is There?


The money that is now created by banks in pursuit of their own profit either needs to be issued by governments (as has been done quite successfully in the past, going back to the American colonies) or it needs to be created by banks that are required to serve the public interest.


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Fake Headlines: Big Media and the Big Banks


Big media should know better than to rely on a global bank that has been serially charged with egregious frauds and deceptions to write its headlines.


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A Closer Look: The Benefits of a Public Bank


PBI's Santa Fe affiliate, the Brass Tax Team, uncovered information showing that Santa Fe spent $7 million in bond issuance costs and fiscal agent fees, and will pay $25 million in interest to Wall Street.

If Santa Fe had a public bank that refinanced that debt at 4 percent, its debt service costs would have been reduced by $282,425 and total debt by $52,439,584.

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Who's the Boss: Still Messing with Mother Nature

Want to get caught up on It's Our Money with Ellen Brown? Check out our recent podcasts regarding the interrelationship of planetary health and our consumptive lifestyles, as well as the Money Tribe and water.

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Iceland Forms Anti-Establishment Government

Iceland has differed from the rest of Europe and the US by allowing bankers to be prosecuted as criminals. Now it seems the purge of the political class has begun.

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Trump’s Treasury Secretary Pick is a Lucky Man. Very Lucky.

Steven Mnuchin has a long history of coming out ahead, even in questionable deals.

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Witch Hunt: "Fake News" List Touted by CBS Was Faked?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair

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Is Wall Street Trying to Rig Trump's Business Advisory Panel?

Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of a hedge fund in New York City, is said to have chosen the members of Trump's Business Advisory Panel, not Trump.

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So this happened...(Finale)

Dear Friend --

After reading my Black Friday shopping drama and round two of the saga, you're probably wondering just how things turned out with my holiday shopping for this year. The answer: I determined to take a new approach...

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