New Legislation Prohibiting Debt Assistance Meanspirited & Misunderstands Money

MattBrickWall.jpgThe United States Congress is contemplating a bill, which will probably pass, to "prohibit the provision of Federal funds to State, territory, and local governments for payment of obligations," and also "to prohibit the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from financially assisting State and local governments . . ."The bill was referred to referred to the House Financial Services Committee the day it was introduced, May 18.

The bill is mean-spirited, posturing, and an unwise way for a government to paint itself into a corner should such bailouts become the only alternative to the chaos of economic collapse. But none of those are the worst thing about the bill. The worst thing about HR 5276 is that it's based on a fundamental misunderstanding of money.

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Public Banks as the Antithesis of Neoliberalism

I’m for public banks because people have a right to share in sustainable abundance, such abundance is relatively easy to achieve structurally and democratically, and neoliberalism’s reliance on the private sector to get us there is foolish. 

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Radical Proposals Increase for Socializing Banking System

A specter is haunting contemporary discussion of public finance: The word "socialize." We've heard it before. 

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Public Bank Amendment proposed for Maine Democratic Convention platform

Maine public banking advocates have proposed an amendment, and gathered the requisite signatures, for the Maine Democratic Party to place on their convention platform for 2016.

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What Wall Street Costs Higher Education (Graphic)

Readers are welcome to share this graphic describing the conflict of interest of Wall Street bankers serving on university boards--and what it costs in terms of higher education. You can learn more about our project, What Wall Street Costs America, at

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Public Banking Institute Secures Matching Gift--Needs Your Donations to Make It Go All the Way!



A message from Shara Smith, PBI Development Director

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Faces on Fiat Currency, Morality & Money

The real question about sovereign money is who is sovereign.
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How JPMorgan Chase, Others Profited from Devastation

This story is part of PBI's ongoing project, What Wall Street Costs America. Please support the project at our fundraising page, and learn more about it--including how you can be one of our researchers and storytellers--at our project page. And please feel free to share the graphic below. 

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Banking Elites Slam Yellen, Call for Public Banks & Breakup of Big Wall Street

A former top Federal Reserve policy adviser, and the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, have stunned the banking world by calling for public banks and the breakup of big banks.

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Candidly Assessing Sanders on Banks

The usual disclaimer: PBI doesn’t endorse or lobby political candidates. But we can and will assess and compare their policy proposals.

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