Richmond considers whether to chip in for Bay Area Public Bank study

171010_Richmond_1026.jpgLast Tuesday Oct 3, Richmond city council discussed whether they wanted to join the Oakland Public Bank feasibility study and chip in their own funds, adding to the $75,000 committed by Oakland and $25,000 from Berkeley.

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Ellen Brown: How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation

171010_dollars_1026.jpgPBI Chair Ellen Brown writes in her latest article posted in Truthout

The policy of guaranteeing every citizen a universal basic income is gaining support around the world, as automation increasingly makes jobs obsolete. But can it be funded without raising taxes or triggering hyperinflation? In a panel I was on at the NexusEarth cryptocurrency conference in Aspen September 21-23rd, most participants said no. This is my rebuttal.

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Public Banking advances in Los Angeles as receptive City Officials meet with Public Bank Team


Paul Stanton; Ellen Brown, PBI; Wolfram Morales, Sparkasse (East German Savings Bank Association); LA City Councilman Paul Kerkorian; Marc Armstrong, President, Commonomics USA; David Jette, Public Bank LA; Trinity Tran, Public Bank LA

Developments for the creation of locally oriented municipal Public Banks are gaining traction in tandem with state Public Bank initiatives. Santa Fe, Oakland and Los Angeles, among other cities, have taken important steps in exploring the feasibility of a local Public Bank owned by their cities and operating in the interest of their communities.

On Friday, September 29th, a gathering of international Public Banking experts met with interested Councilmembers, legislative directors and the Head of the Budget and Finance Committee at Los Angeles City Hall for a very fruitful discussion on how a Bank of Los Angeles can be feasible, profitable and beneficial for the city's residents. 

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Public Banking gets high profile focus for “visionary pragmatism” from The Nation

171003_The_nation_article.jpgInfluential magazine The Nation describes the rise of the Public Banking movement as an excellent example of combining visionary politics with pragmatic action.

“There’s a movement on the rise to weaken the power of corporate banks and replace them with financial institutions that are owned and managed by cities and committed to putting public interest above profit. It’s a movement to create public banks.”

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Sante Fe Task Force members discuss technical details of creating a Public Bank


September 27th: City of Santa Fe Public Bank Task Force Members: Bradley Fluetsch, City Finance Department, Darla Brewer, (Governance), Elaine Sullivan (Governance), David Buchholtz (Task Force Chair), Randolph Hibbin, (Legal, Regulations), Bob Mang (Capitalization), Kelly Huddleston (Legal). Wayne Miller and Judy Cormier were absent.

Santa Fe’s all volunteer public bank task force is hard at work gathering key information needed to take the next steps. The public present at these meetings appreciates that the stakes are much higher once it moves beyond the abstract. 

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New Podcasts: The coming revolution in banking, "crypto-chango," and how to hide public debt from public view


In the latest It's Our Money podcasts, Ellen and Walt cover important ground that sheds light on changes to the world of money that are around the next corner: 

Crypto-Chango and Truth in Accounting 
- Airing Wednesday Sept 27

Ellen Brown reflects on the true nature of money at the Nexus Conference in Aspen, bringing to a renown body of monetary and financial experts the notion that cryptocurrency systems reflect the reality that money is not a fixed inventory of assets but a fluid and fungible source of mutual credit. 

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Grassroots organizing leads to success in Oakland


Left: Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember; Jesse Arrequin, Mayor Berkeley, CA; Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember. Right: Susan Harman and Friends of Public Bank of Oakland

Last Tuesday ,Oakland City Council approved the $100,000 feasibility study for the Public Bank of Oakland, putting that city on track to create its own Public Bank. The city of Berkeley promised $25,000 toward the cost of the study and the city of Richmond and County of Alameda are likely to contribute as well, along with several private donors, making this a multi-city and community investment.

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Welcome Suzanne O’Keeffe to PBI

Suzanne O'KeeffeThe Public Banking Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Suzanne O’Keeffe as its new Communications Coordinator – a vibrant new talent for getting the public banking word out and around!

We’re delighted to have Suzanne’s many talents in writing, social media, video production and network communications on our team. PBI is expanding its reach and visibility in all channels of media, and Suzanne brings rich experience in doing just that.

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Welcome Cimbria Badenhausen to PBI

Cimbria Badenhausen, MBA, ENV SPCimbria Badenhausen –Engagement and Support

The Public Banking Institute is very pleased to announce Cimbria Badenhausen, MBA, ENV SP as our new Engagement Coordinator. Cimbria will be helping PBI expand our support services to the many that contact us.

We are very grateful that for most of 2017, Cimbria has helped behind the scenes to get our newsletter posted, fix wonky things on the website and wrangle our data. Her extensive experience with nurturing personal and organizational growth, and her commitment to all things green is a valuable resource for our organization.

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Oakland, CA - Public Banks Funding Renewables

Oakland, CA - Public Banks Funding RenewablesSept 25th 7-9 pm at City Hall (3rd Floor), the people of Oakland will learn how German Public Banks Power Renewables. 

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