Inspired in Santa Fe

Looking out at hundreds of faces this morning, all interested in the questions being asked in Santa Fe as they consider a public bank for the city, I couldn't help but feel that the time has come. The time has come to rethink banking, to re-evaluate this core function of our economic system. Even though the U.S. Constitution guarantees the people, through Congress, the right to coin money, we have delegated that function to the private sector, for profit, for too long.

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The Santa Fe Symposium Is Underway!

The Santa Fe Symposium is underway!  Great turnout - and over half the attendees to this morning's public banking panel session are from outside of New Mexico!  People attending from Seattle, San Francisco, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and Wisconsin to name just a few!  The energy in Santa Fe is very high!  Join us online for the live stream....  

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Join Us In Santa Fe!

I and much of the PBI Board of Directors are in Santa Fe the rest of this week, preparing for our annual conference West this weekend!  We invite you to join us live or by internet web stream...

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Welcome to Our New Site!

After months of hard work, we release our new PBI website and blog, featuring the first glimpse of Phase One of our online learning resource for members, The New Economy Academy!

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