Santa Fe Chooses Public Banking Task Force


Santa Fe has been winding its way toward establishment of a public bank for the past few years. Mayor Javier Gonzales even included public banking in his campaign platform. This summer, it took a major step forward with the announcement of a nine-member task force to determine the requirements to establish a public bank.

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Insurgent Democracy: The Story of the Nonpartisan League

Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American PoliticsMany of you know that the Bank of North Dakota (the only public bank in the US) was started in 1919, during a progressive movement that swept the state and the region. But do you know about the Nonpartisan League, the grassroots effort that took on the big banks and the railroads and eventually took over the ND state legislature?

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Ellen Brown Assumes Chair of PBI


We are delighted to inform you that Ellen Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute, has accepted our invitation to Chair our Board. We are sad to announce that Walt McRee resigned from the Board earlier this week, but we are also happy for the new opportunities that now await him. For the past 2 ½ years, Walt has worked tirelessly to expand the national footprint of public banking on behalf of PBI. He provided educational support to many local public bank coordinators and coalition members through monthly calls-in programs. He produced “It’s Our Money” radio program with Ellen Brown. He’s met with countless elected officials and public servants on our behalf to help them understand the difference public banking could make to those they represent.

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San Francisco Revives Public Banking Efforts

sanfrancisco.jpgSaying that she was “motivated by the unethical behavior of some of our banking partners,” a California county supervisor has requested that San Francisco’s 2011 public banking feasibility be updated.

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Richmond & Oakland Collaborate on Public Banking

Neighbors Oakland and Richmond, California, are supporting each other as they explore public banking. As public banking initiatives wind their way through the political process in multiple states and cities, we often see a few steps forward followed by a step or two backward. Such is the political process. Despite some recent ups and downs, Oakland public banking advocates are pressing on, and Richmond is helping.

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Ellen Brown on Rising Interest Rates & Debt Forgiveness

Japan has found a way to write off nearly half its national debt without creating inflation. We could do that too, according to PBI founder Ellen Brown.

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Bill Moyers Group: A 'Better Way' to Fund Infrastructure

ConstructionState and local governments struggle with the high cost of building and maintaining infrastructure. Roads and bridges across the country are crumbling as a result. 

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AZ Rep Pushes Public Banking in Legislature

Pamela Powers HannleyThe state of Arizona has been cutting taxes every year for more than 25 years in an attempt to spur economic development. So far trickle down economics hasn’t worked well. 

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Hawaii Becomes First State to Pass Basic Income

Futurists tell us that there won’t be enough work in the future because technology will replace workers who now do repetitious or low-skilled work. This has prompted Libertarians (who want smaller government) and Progressives (who want to guarantee a social safety net for workers) to look at the idea of basic income. 

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Breaking Up [the Banks] Isn’t that Hard to Do

In a “Dear Donald” letter, author Nomi Prins tells President Trump that regardless of where he has “messed up”, he could make a “huge,” “terrific” move in the area of financial reform. How? Bring back the Glass-Steagall Act.

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