Why public banks are suddenly popular

Public banks suddenly popular

Photo courtesy The New Republic


Sarah Jones writes in The New Republic:

The appeal of public banks extends beyond consumer protection to sound fiscal policy. The argument, as articulated by Demos in a 2011 report, says banks can offer lower debt costs to city and state governments, fund public infrastructure projects, and encourage entrepreneurship by providing loans to small businesses at lower interest rates and with lower fees.”

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Lessons learned from North America’s largest public bank

Parkland Institute report

Photo courtesy Parkland Institute


Mark Anielski and Bob Ascah of the Parkland Institute post a new report from Canada:

“Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB) has grown into North America’s largest public bank, seven times larger in terms of assets (loans) than its peer, the Bank of North Dakota. … This report traces the origins and history of this government-owned institution and draws out important lessons from this experience. We then consider the role of public banks within the framework of the role of money and banking in a modern economy. Drawing from this, we put forth a number of policy recommendations that we feel should be considered of strategic value to Alberta’s financial and economic future.”

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David Dayen: What if banks were publicly owned?

Public banks over private banks

Photo courtesy Huffington Post


David Dayen writes in Huffington Post how Los Angeles is leading an important charge toward public ownership of the banking engines of our economy.

Dayen explains:

"The term “public bank” may confuse some into thinking that Los Angeles is about to create a bunch of branch offices where residents can open a free checking account. The idea is much more ambitious. Public bank enthusiasts want to finance local improvements in housing, infrastructure, and community development by employing the money citizens already pay to state and local governments for services. To them, it’s about democratizing the financial system." ...


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Economist Michael Hudson calls for Public Banks

Escaping the crush of debt

Image courtesy The Unz Review


In a recent interview posted on The Unz Review entitled “The ‘Next’ Financial Crisis and Public Banking As the Response,” economist Michael Hudson concludes:

“This is so obvious that what is needed is a bank whose business plan is not exploitation of consumers, not fraud, and isn’t gambling. That basically is the case for public ownership.”

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Ellen Brown speaking at five California events

California Vision 2020


PBI Chair Ellen Brown, along with Josh Androsky and David Jette from Public Bank LA, presented a panel discussion at Left Coast Forum Aug 26 on the advantages of a public bank and LA’s historic opportunity to vote in support of creating one this November with Charter Amendment B. Watch the live-stream here (we were without mics, so volume is a bit low).

Ellen will also be presenting at four more conferences in California this fall:

New report calls for public banks to provide household financial services

Roosevelt Institute report


In a new Roosevelt Institute report co-published with the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University, Thomas Herndon and Mark Paul argue for the public provision of household financial services. They write:

“To foster a more inclusive and accessible economy and society for all communities in the U.S., the public provision of banking goods and services by the government is an important— and bold—option to consider.” ...

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New public banking videos to share

Public Bank LA video thumb


Josh Androsky and David Jette of Public Bank LA created this clever video for Left Coast Forum.

We’ve also just posted this little video using our #PublicBank4PublicGood meme.

Great for sharing! Thank you for your help.

#YesOnB campaign for Los Angeles’s Public Bank gets into full swing

Public Bank LA campaign launch

Public Bank LA campaign launch for Charter Amendment B


November's Public Banking ballot initiative Charter Amendment B will allow the citizens of Los Angeles to vote on the first step to creating a city-owned bank. Public Bank LA, along with an overflowing room of community groups and advocates, launched their action campaign July 28 for creating public support for the ballot measure. Chair Ellen Brown and Suzanne O’Keeffe from Public Banking Institute were there in support. ...

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PBI presenting in LA Aug 26: Left Coast Forum and NYC’s Left Forum highlight public banking

PBI at Left Coast Forum


PBI Chair Ellen Brown along with David Jette and Josh Androsky from Public Bank LA will be presenting on Public Banking and the Los Angeles Public Bank ballot measure Charter Amendment B at Left Coast Forum in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 26 at 1:30 - 3:00 pm PDT. RSVP at our Facebook event here. More information here.

Public banking was also a discussion topic at the Left Forum in New York City in June, where a panel moderated by Gar Alperovitz brought together many innovative thinkers. ...

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More candidates from NY, WI and CO endorse public banking

Public Bank LA at Aug 2 event with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in LA

The Public Bank LA team on stage with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Aug 2. Photo courtesy Public Bank LA


Candidates all over the country are now seeing the advantage of Public Banks and using the issue to define their campaign platforms. The latest is Denver mayoral candidate Kayvan Khalatbari. In a detailed article written by Chris Walker in Westworld, Khalatbari says:

“It's a way to keep our money here as opposed to holding it in these large Wall Street banks that we pay egregious interest and financial fees to. ...”

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