Chicago Sun-Times endorses public bank advocate Ameya Pawar for city treasurer

Ameya Pawar, Sun Times endorsement

Chicago Sun-Times endorses Ameya Pawar for city treasurer. Photo courtesy the Sun-Times


Ameya Pawar, a strong advocate for creating a public bank for Chicago has been endorsed  for city treasurer by one of Chicago's two major newspapers, further evidence that the public banking alternative is becoming widely recognized.

The Sun-Times editorial board writes:

“Pawar talks of creating a public bank to support affordable housing, offer low-interest student loans and possibly do business with the marijuana industry. ... Reasonable people might have questions about all these ideas, but they’re fresh and worth exploring.

“We certainly support his overarching goal, which is to give working-class and middle-class Chicagoans more opportunities to prosper while securing strong returns for the city’s investments.”

With every step forward like this, we get closer to achieving PBI’s goal of making the value of public banks common knowledge.

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