Ellen Brown Assumes Chair of PBI


We are delighted to inform you that Ellen Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute, has accepted our invitation to Chair our Board. We are sad to announce that Walt McRee resigned from the Board earlier this week, but we are also happy for the new opportunities that now await him. For the past 2 ½ years, Walt has worked tirelessly to expand the national footprint of public banking on behalf of PBI. He provided educational support to many local public bank coordinators and coalition members through monthly calls-in programs. He produced “It’s Our Money” radio program with Ellen Brown. He’s met with countless elected officials and public servants on our behalf to help them understand the difference public banking could make to those they represent.

As PBI’s influence increased, especially over the last year, Walt began to feel the need to more formally connect those elected officials with experts that could help them make a clear financial and legal case for creating a public bank. Toward that end, Walt has left PBI to establish “Public Banking Associates”, a for-profit association of public banking experts designed to meet this need. His new contact information should be available soon. His new contact and project information should be available soon.

We will miss Walt’s steady, positive presence as a member of our Board. We feel deep gratitude for all he has done on our behalf. We hope to stay in contact with him and hope you will join us in wishing Walt ALL THE BEST as he moves forward to found a new resource for establishing public banks around the country.

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