PBI Chair Ellen Brown and former Chair Walt McRee present on Public Banks at national conference on sustainable infrastructure


Ellen Brown and Walt McRee head to Washington DC this week for the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) conference on Sustainable Infrastructure

The conference features experts from around the globe and will host thousands of participants. Ellen and Walt are conducting a workshop "The Backbone of Sustainable Infrastructure: Cooperative Ownership & Public Banks.” The workshop will explain how co-ops and Public Banks provide the structural mechanics for creation of a “new regenerative economy” (NRE) that goes beyond mere sustainability to embrace a commitment to public service that generates human-focused community outcomes rather than mere paper profits. 

Ellen and Walt's workshop will assert that a new understanding of economics must take hold, one that is a fundamental reframing of the conventional consumer economy. This new economy is “grounded in integrity, sufficiency, social justice and ecological regeneration instead of consumption, exploitation and the destruction of ecosystems in the relentless pursuit of profit.”

Under the theme of “Building an Economy Worthy of our Affection” Ellen will be discussing the taxonomy of banking, its categorical roles in funding, and the impact of its limited private-interest focus. Walt will discuss the systemically transformative potential of public banking and how it can revitalize pubic investment, democratize public policy, and refocus our economic attention and resources on local economies.

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