New Economy Academy Course 202

Proving the Potential of Public Banks:  Feasibility & Economic Impact Studies (1:49:47)
with Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Tom Sgouros, and Gary Flomenhoft

To provide the evidence for public banks' efficacy, decision-makers often need feasibility and economic impact studies.  These studies typically model job growth, additional productivity added to the local economy, and other factors.  This course describes feasibility studies and outlines a process to create one.


Click on the image above to play the video of the course.


0:00      Introduction & Overview

10:52    Feasibility Study Questions

37:50    Types of Public Banks

43:40    Economic Impacts

52:05    What to Model?  Where to Find Data?  What Modeling Program

1:05:24 Analyzing the Data;  Models;  Where's the Capital?  Q&A 

Supporting Course Materials:

This is a presentation at the Banking on New Mexico Symposium in the Fall of 2014 on the subject of this course - please start at the 50:00 mark for Gwen Hallsmith's presentation on feasibility studies and impact assessments.



Vermonters for a New Economy:  Exploring A Public Bank for Vermont (PDF)



Building State Development Banks (PDF)



Center For State innovation:  Maine State Bank Analysis (PDF)



Demos:  Putting Vermont Money to Work for Vermont:  Introducing the Vermont Partnership Bank (PDF)



Vermonters for a New Economy:  Frequently Asked Questions About A Public Bank (PDF)





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