Getting Money to Main Street Conversation

Interviewed by Gwendolyn Hallsmith

In the face of a very questionable "recovery," increasingly people are looking to new models to enable money to fulfill real needs and real businesses in the economy (ie Main Street).  Michael Shuman is an attorney, author of several important books on healthy local economies including Going Local and The Small-Mart Revolution and has been a pioneer of the new economy movement for many years. 

Join Michael and Gwen for a fascinating conversation on what is working at the local level across the nation to move the real economy forward, getting small businesses and entrepreneurs and students the funds they need to get started, to grow, and to simply conduct business in the face of a system that seems geared to the powerful.

(Audio Presented in Vimeo Video Browser - 1:00:20)

Further Resources:

Top Ten Tools for Local Investment (PDF)

Suggested State Policy Reforms (PDF)

Here is a summary of Michael Shuman's interesting career.


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