Good News from Santa Fe

We have received so many inquiries about the status of the Public Bank for Santa Fe. The news is good!

NewMexicoPB.jpgSEPTEMBER 2015   A LEGAL MEMORANDUM, was completed by David Buchholtz of Rodey Law Firm for WeArePeopleHere!  The legal path forward has now been paved. We anticipate that the City will soon weigh in with their own legal thoughts.

DECEMBER 2015A FIVE-YEAR MODEL- A Public Bank for Santa Fe” was Completed by our own Brass Tacks Team (Public Banking Facts That Stick!)If we do say so ourselves, it’s a very good piece of research. It is tightly focused on a problem our community is currently experiencing. Our analysis shows a public bank for Santa Fe can turn a profit even in the first year of business and be a . . .    drum roll please . . . Debt Reduction, and Budget Easing, Income Generating Strategy for the City of Santa Fe. 

JANUARY 2016A PUBLIC BANK FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE CITY OF SANTA FE” completed by Katie Updike of Building Solutions will be released very, very soon. Though we have not seen it, we understand that is very comprehensive and that the results are favorable for establishing a Public Bank for Santa Fe. We are all looking forward to reading her study and hearing her presentations very much. Big Whew! We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

These three reports indicate that 2016 will be a very good year for Public Banking.

Hold on to your hats. Get ready to work hard and have fun together!

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