How It’s Getting Done in Santa Fe

Santa Fe City Council Says Yes

Volunteer Public Bank Task Force Members:  Kelly Huddleston (attorney), Robert Mang (retired business owner-environmental/ social impact), Adam Johnson (Finance Director, City of Santa Fe), Darla Brewer (retired bank regulator), David Buchholtz (attorney government finance), Wayne Mueller (retired banker), Elaine Sullivan  (citizen advocate), Judy Cormier (retired chief bank compliance officer), Randy Hibbin (retired banker), Michelle Lis (task force facilitator, not shown).

On August 15th, Santa Fe’s Public Bank Task-Force held its first meeting at the Santa Fe Convention Center. They formed five sub-committees that will investigate governance, legal, regulatory, and capitalization and financial questions required by the New Mexico De Novo Bank Charter application.

The task force will meet every three weeks for six months. All meetings will be open to the public with opportunity for public comment. Two meetings will provide for substantial public participation. Official minutes are being taken by a City of Santa Fe recorder. Information provided to the task force members will also be published on the City’s website for public information. Audio or video recording may be produced so that others can learn from the process. A larger room is being arranged for future meetings so the committee members can face each other, and for larger public participation.

The second meeting of the Task force is Wednesday September 6th from 4:30-6:30 pm. Location TBD.


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