It’s Our Money's new podcast — “Crisis Finance”


It's Our Money with Ellen Brown


In the latest episode of It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown, Thomas Hanna of the Democracy Collaborative talks about how public banking can be a shield from the economic ravages of the expected next crisis. As co-host Walt McRee summarizes the episode:

“Crisis Finance”

We live with a monetary system designed to stage recurring crashes which move personal and public assets into the hands of the Oligarchy. American history is filled with examples of financial stratagems enabled by power-center bankers both near and far. Our guest Thomas Hanna of the Democracy Collaborative talks with Ellen about “The Crisis Next Time” and why we need to use the next banker-crash debacle to move our financial controls into the hands of the public. Commentator Bob Bows reviews some shocking American history that makes it clear these financial crises are no accident and how they are destroying democracy. And Anna Callahan of “TheIncorruptibles” outlines how citizens must organize to reclaim the political power needed to protect themselves from the corporate financial powers both locally and nationally.

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