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It's Our Money with Ellen Brown


In the episode “The Mouse That Roared,” It's Our Money with Ellen Brown connects with PBLA's Measure B champions Trinity Tran and Ben Hauck to find out how they did it, why they did it, what they were up against, and what's next. 

In the 100th episode “Retrospectives,” the program assembles select conversations from the nearly 5 years of special guests including Michael Hudson, Paul Hellyer, Saquib Bhatti, Bill Black, and Bob Bows. 

The mouse that roared

A group of smart, undauntable, unpaid citizen volunteers just reaped a statistical victory for public banking in the nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles. While actually losing the total vote count, Public Bank LA got almost half the vote and delivered over 420,000 votes on a recent public banking referendum with only a couple weeks to work and virtually no money to campaign. We talk with Trinity Tran and Ben Hauck of the citizen movement behind this ballot initiative, Revolution LA, about how they did it, why they did it, what they were up against and what’s next. And we revisit a conversation with author and professor George Lakey as he talks about how citizen initiatives like Public Bank LA helped Scandinavia become one of the happiest economies on the planet.


For our 100th program since beginning almost 5 years ago, we’ve assembled a retrospective of conversations with select special guests delving into the many fascinating aspects of our monetary and banking systems. Noted economist Michael Hudson talks about the history of monetary systems and banking control, Canadian government icon Paul Hellyer discusses globalist plans for preserving monetary control in the hands of a few, the predatory lending imposed on our cities and states is reported on by Roosevelt Institute fellow Saqib Bhatti, and the charade of under-scaled regulatory agencies charged with protecting our financial systems from fraud is described by preeminent professor and forensic regulator Bill Black. Ellen and Walt discuss recent public banking voting results in Los Angeles and Bob Bows provide his final installment of global economic and spiritual transformation.

[Listen to the podcast: The mouse that roared]

[Listen to the podcast: Retrospectives]

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