It's Our Money podcast examines socialism and public banking with Dr. Richard Wolff

Dr. Richard Wolff

Dr. Richard Wolff


In the latest episode of It's Our Money, PBI Chair Ellen Brown talks with renowned economist Dr. Richard Wolff about the changing views of socialism and how the shift in public sentiment is creating more solutions to current crises. Co-host Walt McRea describes the episode: 

Debating Socialism and Public Banks

Socialism has acquired an outsized connotation for being the enemy of the core values and tenets of American economic and political life – a threat to private ownership and initiative and a challenger on the international stage of cultural and political domination. While variations on the practical themes of socialist-based public policy abound across the globe, and often with unparalleled success, Socialism has now hit the American political arena with surprising vigor and acceptance, particularly by younger generations who are inheriting the systemic costs of capitalism’s latter stages. Ellen talks with noted economist Dr. Richard Wolff about how the growing discussions about socialism enrich the broader discussion about problem-solving of public issues and moving our economic game forward. We also visit with North Dakota author and historian Mike Jacobs in our next installment about the Bank of North Dakota’s history – now 100 years and counting.

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