It’s Our Money podcast: People are coming for their money

Me'Lea Connelly

Me'Lea Connelly. Photo courtesy Yes magazine


As France’s working class pushes their government into submission and revolutionary mass protests now engulf Europe, the realization reaches our shores that the levers of our economies are begin pulled in favor of the very wealthy. This latest episode of It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown, co-hosts Walt McRee and Ellen talk with Dr Jack Rasmus and Me’Lea Connelly about how people are coming for their money.

Walt describes the episode:

“In so many ways and places around the world, citizens are expressing their intention to reclaim wealth that has been siphoned from their lives and local economies by the mechanisms of private capital control. Banks and governments are both targets for the wrath and revolutionary ideas that have arrived in France and are heading to Washington. In this edition, Ellen talks about the emerging Green New Deal idea that uses the Fed and a network of public banks to finance a sustainable future and social equity. And she talks with author and economics professor Dr. Jack Rasmus about the mechanisms of the Fed and financial markets which undermine the prospects for realizing the public’s interest in economic fairness. But some folks aren’t waiting: Walt and Ellen talk with Me’Lea Connelly, a founding Director of Village Financial, a new black-owned credit union co-op that is changing the economic prospects of a long-underserved community.”

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