PBI presenting in LA Aug 26: Left Coast Forum and NYC’s Left Forum highlight public banking

PBI at Left Coast Forum


PBI Chair Ellen Brown along with David Jette and Josh Androsky from Public Bank LA will be presenting on Public Banking and the Los Angeles Public Bank ballot measure Charter Amendment B at Left Coast Forum in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 26 at 1:30 - 3:00 pm PDT. RSVP at our Facebook event here. More information here.

Public banking was also a discussion topic at the Left Forum in New York City in June, where a panel moderated by Gar Alperovitz brought together many innovative thinkers. ...

Panelists included Michael Hudson and Stephanie Kelton and they present a different view of monetary policy and the money system. Alperovitz credited a Public Banking Institute conference at which he spoke 6 years earlier with launching the Public Banking movement, which has rapidly taken hold.

Alperovitz explains:

“One of the things that’s happening around the country, as you probably know, is  there’s an upsurge of interest in the idea that the banks ought to be under public control. There are public banking initiatives in something like 30 or 40 cities and a couple of states around the country. There was a forum on this only six years ago promoting the idea. We’re seeing all over the country a very, very fast pick-up on this, including in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and several other cities. State legislation pending in Michigan and Washington state.

“The subject we’re going after today is probably the other piece of the puzzle, monetary policy and money, because there’s a revolution going on in that area as well. It’s not simply the establishment of public banks, but actually getting down to how money works, a subject that has been obfuscated for many, many decades.”

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