Creating a Public Bank can take many legislative steps. We include here related Public Bank resolutions and proposed legislation from around the country so advocates and elected officials can have examples of how other cities and states are moving forward to create a Public Bank. 

Legislation, including Resolutions and Motions, linked below is organized by State and City.

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(We will continue to update this list as we receive documents or track down relevant legislation.)




California State

AB750 Feasibility Study for Establishing a State-Owned Bank - Passed both houses, vetoed by Gov Brown - Sept 2011


Los Angeles

Motion requesting a report on feasibility and requirements to create a Public Bank of Los Angeles - July 2017 


San Francisco

Resolution to convene a Municipal Public Bank Task Force - April 2017

Draft Outline of the Municipal Bank of San Francisco - 2013



Resolution to prepare cost estimates for Public Bank Feasibility Study - Nov 2016


Mendocino County

Resolution in Support of Public Banking in Mendocino County - Dec 2014



New Mexico

Santa Fe

Resolution requesting a report from the Finance Dept and the creation of a Public Bank Task Force - April 2017




Washington State

Proviso in the State's 2017-2019 Operating Budget to create an Infrastructure and Public Depository Task Force - June 2017



Public Bank Task Forces

These Task Forces are collecting and organizing much background material and many of these pages are well organized.

Washington State 

Washington State Infrastructure & Public Depository Task Force




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