Newsroom.jpgIf you are a member of the media --a reporter, producer, content-provider, professional or amateur blogger-- this page is for you. Here you will find links to all PBI press releases, global talking points, and interview contact information, so that you can talk to the people making the public banking movement happen--people who want to talk to you.

Remember, you can always direct media-related questions to Walt McRee, walt <at> publicbankinginstitute <dot> org.

How to Keep Your Media Audience Informed on Public Banking Issues

You can keep your readers, viewers, and/or listeners informed on happenings and big news in the public banking movement in these ways:

1. Learn the basics: If you're brand new to public banking, this page will familiarize you with the basic concepts and vocabulary.

2. Read our Newsletter: Our regular electronic newsletters feature the latest information and perspectives, both local and national, on the public banking movement. Sign up to receive our newsletter here.

3. Check for new press releases here.

3. Read our Blog: Our blog posts often serve as press releases, a clearinghouse for commentary, and a forum introducing new perspectives and persons into the public banking movement. Read our blog here. 

4. Ask for a meeting. Contact Walt McRee at walt <at> publicbankinginstitute <dot> org, identify your media organization or credentials, and request a conference call with PBI leaders. We'll set up a meeting with you where you can ask questions in a secure, engaging context.

5. Subscribe to our Twitter feed: We are @PublicBanksNow. You can also see what the rest of the Twitter community is saying about public banking by searching the #publicbanking hashtag.

6. Join our Facebook page: We post content--articles, interviews, videos, news and events--to our Facebook page several times a day. Our supporters interact with that content there. Our Facebook page is here.

7. Check out our media resources below!


Media Resources

Public Banking Global Talking Points
What is the basic case for public banking? You can find information all over our web site on that question, including here. But this brief, prepared by Matt Stannard and Walt McRee, lays out the basic philosophical and economic talking points of the public banking movement, and lists the sources from which these arguments and facts are derived.

This great resource helps you learn the  vocabulary! 
Scott Baker's important presentation on the mechanics and logistics of starting a public bank in a city or county.
Public Banking Institute in the News
News stories specifically involving the Public Banking Institute are archived here.

It's Our Money: The Public Banking Report
This bi-monthly radio show and podcast is hosted by Walt McRee and frequently features Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution, discussing public banking, monetary policy, and the movement to reform our financial system with prominent guests--the authors, activists, and thought leaders of bold new economic solutions. Each episode features a short "Public Banking Report" with the latest movement news.

Interview Contacts
These individuals can give interviews about public banking in print, on radio or television, or on podcast.

Ten interviews with the noted public banking author, from 2009 to the present.

Here are some of the best videos explaining both the basic and advanced case for public banking.

Blog Posts
Our blog serves as a forum for our press releases, commentary, and introductions to people and issues in the public banking movement all over the country. If you want to know what we consider to be breaking news and relevant analysis, you'll probably find it at our blog.

Find Local Public Banking Chapters
Looking to do a story on local movements for public banking? This page has an ongoing list of chapter representatives in several states.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor
Guidelines on writing a letter to the editor about public banking.

How Public Banks Help Community Banks
In March 2012, the Public Banking Institute hosted a roundtable discussion that included Eric Hardmeyer of the Bank of North Dakota, Rick Clayburg of the North Dakota Bankers Association, and Gary Peterson of Lakeside State Bank in North Dakota. A primary perceived concern among community bankers has been that a public bank will compete with community banks. In fact, the role of the public bank is to prop up, aid, and partner with community banks. The testimony from Rick Clayberg and Gary Peterson is decisive in this regard. You can listen to that discussion here.



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