Money, Tax, and Poverty - Public Banking Solutions

Free Public Seminar, Toronto City Hall, Jan 24, 2015

All 99% want to know about money, but were afraid to ask...

12:00 'YouTube' visions of banking...     (Doors open at 11:45 am)
12:05  Seminar Address: Public Banking: Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
12:20  Keynote: Our Public Bank: Ann Emmett, President, COMER
12:35  COMER Action Plan: Rocco Galati, Consitutional Lawyer (Q&A's)
12:50  Stock Market Swindlers: Al Rosen, Investigative Accountant (Q&A's)
  1:45  Council Members' Lounge for a 15-minute break
  2:05  Stupendous Banking:  Tony Crawford, author 'Contaging' & 'Tax2debt'
  2:45  Postal Banking: Mike Palecek, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  3:15  Public Banking Institute: Alan Blanes, Canadian Chapter Organizer
  3:45  Panel Discussion: Audience question about Public Banking
  4:30  Closing Remarks and acknowledgments...   (Doors close at 5:00 pm)

Free admission!  Join us.

For more information, contact PBI Canada chapter leader Alan Baines at 250 300 8400.



January 24, 2015 at 12pm - 5pm
Council Chambers, Toronto City Hall
Alex Blanes


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