More candidates from NY, WI and CO endorse public banking

Public Bank LA at Aug 2 event with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in LA

The Public Bank LA team on stage with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Aug 2. Photo courtesy Public Bank LA


Candidates all over the country are now seeing the advantage of Public Banks and using the issue to define their campaign platforms. The latest is Denver mayoral candidate Kayvan Khalatbari. In a detailed article written by Chris Walker in Westworld, Khalatbari says:

“It's a way to keep our money here as opposed to holding it in these large Wall Street banks that we pay egregious interest and financial fees to. ...”

Khalatbari continues: 

“This is not a new idea, these exist all over the world. Germany is fueled by public banks, and look, they have the best economy in Europe. North Dakota has a public bank, and they got through the recession better than any state in the United States.”

A recent Washington Post article featured Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another candidate endorsing Public Banking. In her Aug 2 visit to Los Angeles, Ocasio-Cortez gave Trinity Tran of Public Bank LA five minutes on stage at one of her major events to rally the crowd to support the historic Charter Amendment B ballot measure — the first step to approving a city-owned bank.

Another candidate is former Wisconsin state treasurer Dawn Marie Sass who narrowly lost in this week’s Aug 14 primary. John Nichols writes in The Cap Times:

“Former state Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass … has proposed to work to create a State Bank of Wisconsin, which would build on the ideas behind the successful State Bank of North Dakota. Sass said Wisconsin ‘needs a citizen-owned state bank with a mission to serve the public instead of Wall Street investors.’ …

“That’s a very good idea.”

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