The New Economy Academy is a collection of educational projects of the Public Banking Institute, including our weekly email newsletter, podcasts, blog posts, affiliate program, What Wall Street Costs project, and special events and conferences. Our goal is to create an understanding of the problems we face and the solutions we can embrace - whether we are laypeople, activists, politicians, economists, or bankers - to create lasting, real prosperity.

A renaissance is happening in economics.  The "dismal science" is undergoing a rebirth as the field's assumptions and institutions are being opened up in the light of a new century.  There is a widespread sense that conventional economic institutions and pundits not only did not predict the Great Recession of 2008, but contributed to it with an outdated and overly complex science that too often operates within a dangerous box of theories and abstractions, and in the case of banks and politicians, profit-motivated, self-serving prescriptions.

There is a pressing need today:

  • to make complex economics subjects accessible and clear;
  • to explore powerful economic options and paths forward that do not often get airtime in the mainstream media;
  • to connect people who want to build more sustainable and just economic systems;
  • and to empower citizens at all levels of society to join the conversation - and growing movement - to change our economic destiny.



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