New Facebook Page launched! Send us your #YesPublicBanks group photos



We are thrilled to launch our new Facebook page to help connect with, educate, and inspire more people on the value of a Public Bank. 

To celebrate and highlight all the amazing work being done around the country, we call on our Public Bank supporters to send us photos!

The next time your Public Banking group gets together, please gather for a fun group photo in front of an iconic scene in your city and hold up a sign or small banner that says #YesPublicBanks

Send them to

We’ll post them on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram (soon to come) and tag your group. This effort will be a great way to connect all of us working toward a new future. 

Please like our page and share posts with your friends.

We’ll be also be launching events and calls to action via Facebook and you can also look forward to livestreams and breaking news on our feed, so it’s well worth the click. 

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