New Front in the Campaign for Public Banking

As Labor Day ApproachesWinnebago County resident David Soll moderates a Skype conference call with residents and PBI founding director, Mike Krauss, in the Rockford Public Library.

Winnebago County, IL sits due west of Chicago on the Wisconsin border. It is the sixth largest county in Illinois, behind Chicago and its immediate suburbs. It has a population of just under 300,000. 

The median family income is slightly above the national average. In other words, solidly middle class, and facing the challenges common to thousands of such counties across the nation.

Residents are getting organized, informed, and preparing the approach to that County Commission under the leadership of David Soll, a public-school employee. David recently threw his hat in the ring for a seat on the County Commission, the governing body elected by districts.

They are widening the circle, reaching out to stakeholders, and investigating the issues common to all efforts to create, in this case, a municipal, county public bank: mission, capitalization, deposit base, legal basis, governance and management.

Next step: going before the County Commission, to ask for a public meeting.

Stay tuned.

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