New Podcasts: The coming revolution in banking, "crypto-chango," and how to hide public debt from public view


In the latest It's Our Money podcasts, Ellen and Walt cover important ground that sheds light on changes to the world of money that are around the next corner: 

Crypto-Chango and Truth in Accounting 
- Airing Wednesday Sept 27

Ellen Brown reflects on the true nature of money at the Nexus Conference in Aspen, bringing to a renown body of monetary and financial experts the notion that cryptocurrency systems reflect the reality that money is not a fixed inventory of assets but a fluid and fungible source of mutual credit. 

And co-host Walt McRee discusses the true nature of our public accounting systems with Truth in Accounting Research Director Bill Bergman, who shares what the real numbers of public debt are and how they are often hidden from public view.  Also, a re-visit with Civic-Labs’ Tom Tresser discussing his book “Chicago Is Not Broke – Funding The City We Deserve.”  

The Coming Revolution in Banking and How Banking Really Works Now
- Air date: Wednesday Sept 20

Crypto currencies will likely change the future of banking in transformative ways, and there’s even a chance that it could help democratize citizen’s control of their money. Ellen is just completing a book on the subject and discusses how technology is changing the banking landscape. Meanwhile, we welcome noted economist Michael Hudson to the show to disclose in no uncertain terms how the banking cartel traps entire economies into virtually inescapable debt slavery. And co-host Walt McRee provides a retrospective on Wall Street as the worst example of corporate domination.

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