New video channels launched as PBI expands media to support growing movement

171017_youtube-channel-art-1.jpgThis movement for Public Banks is growing rapidly and so PBI is expanding our media reach to help lead and support these shifts. To start, we’ve launched two new Public Banking Institute video channels on Vimeo and on YouTube. Please subscribe / follow.

These channels will feature short, sharable videos we're producing, include insightful interviews with Chair Ellen Brown and other thought-leaders, as well as collect useful videos from around the web that help tell the Public Banking story and show its progress.

The first of these short videos — What Is a Public Bank? — was first produced by a grassroots group in California who held a Bring On the Power of a Public Bank: People's Forum in May. The video was shared so much, we asked them to create a national version for us. 

More changes are on track. We will be relaunching a new Facebook page in the coming weeks as well as launching Instagram and invigorating Twitter.

We also have a major overhaul of the website planned for the coming months so that you'll be able to stay engaged with all that is happening and find the resources you need. Those new to Public Banking will be able to get involved easily in active local efforts, or start their own.

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