Over a quarter of a million people voted #YesOnB! 42% support the city's measure for a public bank

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The historic vote for Charter Amendment B on Tuesday drew the support of over 267,000 voters in Los Angeles. Although this level of support was not enough to pass the measure, the achievements of the campaign were in themselves groundbreaking. The measure was dropped onto the LA calendar out of the blue in July. In a mere four months our allies at Public Bank LA and their powerful coalition rallied to the challenge and, without a budget, pulled off a dramatic paradigm shift in voter awareness persuading over 40% of voters to say yes. Ballot measures typically require at least $750K to win, but this shift was achieved with $60K raised in the last month, an inspiration for cities and states around the country that want to declare their own independence from Wall Street. 

As PBLA's Trinity Tran put it:

“Within 4 months, we brought the issue to the forefront of politics here in Los Angeles. Over a quarter million Angelenos voted in support of Measure B and the conversation on public banking has now been amplified across the country. This is just the beginning of the national movement. And it's a fight we are certain will be won.”

PBLA's Phoenix Goodman had these words:

“As a result of the valiant efforts of our organizers, volunteers, organizations and media that have supported this movement, exponentially more people have been inspired to support, share and manifest this vision. In time, we will come back, and we will succeed. In time, cities everywhere will be inspired to declare independence from Wall St. In time, we will have inspired the banking revolution at large — and it all began with the Yes on B campaign. Onwards, to victory.”

Click here for a list of the Herculean accomplishments of the remarkable PBLA coalition. 

Ben Hauck, PBLA's Political Director, jotted down his thoughts about all they'd done:  

A small group of grassroots volunteer activists, with the help of critical allies, are one day away from a vote on Measure B. It’s impossible to list everything that’s happened, but we have:

⚡️Created an official ballot measure committee
⚡️Raised $60,000
⚡️Text messaged 350,000 voters and sent 500,000 total text messages
⚡️Handed out over 50,000 flyers
⚡️Reached over 500,000 voters through organic social media campaigns
⚡️Were included in three mailers reaching over 1,200,000 voters
⚡️Gained endorsements from over 100 organizations and community leaders
⚡️Put up hundreds of yard signs and banners across LA
⚡️Talked with thousands of voters at events, universities, rallies and gatherings across the city
⚡️Were featured in dozens of major news stories, articles and TV coverage
⚡️Managed our own paid social media campaign
⚡️Drove over 150,000 video views on YouTube campaign with 500,000 impressions
⚡️Reached 500,000 LA residents with over 1,400,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram
⚡️Contacted 200,000 voters via a robocall from the Chairman of the California Democratic Party
⚡️Put on several significant campaign events, including the Defundraiser
⚡️Were featured in a press event with Kevin de León and City Council President Herb Wesson
⚡️Created several featured videos, dozens of ads, and countless pieces of written content

That’s just part of the campaign. I couldn’t possibly list everything our organizers, volunteers and allies did over the last four months. ... It was the accumulated effort of thousands of actions from hundreds of activists that got us here today.

From a coffee shop meeting to possibly passing a historic ballot measure in the second largest city in the US, and one of the most powerful and influential cities in the world. Wow.

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