PBI Bumper Stickers Are Here!

Have you ever found yourself in traffic, behind a car that had a message on its bumper so profound that you wanted to step out of your car to give the other driver a high-five?

If you ever wanted to be the driver that gets high-fives and thumbs-ups from passing drivers, or to even have the unique bumper message that sparks a random conversation in the grocery store parking lot, then you definitely need to get your hands on one of PBI's brand new, limited edition bumper stickers.

The message on the sticker is simple, yet effective, with easy-to-read yellow letters on a black background so that it stands out even at night:


This bumper sticker encapsulates PBI's core philosophy in a bite-size, six-word message. We're sick and tired of the ball and chain that private Wall Street banks represent for our communities, and we demand the viable alternative that is public banking.

These six words are the answer to countless pertinent questions people have for governments, like how to pay for the schools, roads, healthcare, pensions, small business loans, and public servants that our communities depend on for their survival. 

The best part? This bumper sticker is an instant conversation-starter for anyone who happens to be near your vehicle, which gives you a unique opportunity to explain the phenomenon of public banking to anyone who asks about it. (and they will!)

Donate $10 or more to PBI in August and a shiny new bumper sticker will be mailed to you. But you'd better hurry -- these conversation-starters won't last long.


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