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The Public Bank Solution: Funding a Sustainable Future

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  • Friday, September 15, 2017 at 08:00 AM through September 16, 2017

    PBI: Funding a Sustainable Future


    2017 has become a watershed moment in the drive to create new American public banks. With dozens of local and state initiatives underway around the country, legislators and municipal executives, bankers and economists, civic stakeholders and social activists alike are actively engaged in asking the questions, raising the prospects, making the connections and building the momentum for a sea-change in public finance.

    The Public Banking Institute, as organizational core for this movement, now invites all those engaging this important work to come together to study, share, collaborate and plan the key next steps forward.

    SAVE THE DATES: September 15 - 16, 2017
    The Public Banking Institute National Conference Comes to Princeton,NJ!

    “The Public Bank Solution: Funding a Sustainable Future” will bring national speakers and attention to the momentum of public banking. New Jersey sets the perfect stage as the Garden State builds national awareness of the public banking agenda through a mainstream gubernatorial candidacy focusing attention on the idea that a state-owned public bank could make all the difference in turning around  a troubled state economy.

    Make plans now to be a part of this important gathering!  Come learn and be inspired by renown presenters who delve into the ways in which public banking provides a breakthrough opportunity for public policy problem-solving.  Set the date aside to be there now!

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