PBI hosts strategic planning summit to support advancing Public Bank initiatives

PBI Summit video

PBI Summit video by Carlos Marroquin


The Public Banking Institute brought together in early March representatives from key active Public Bank initiatives for a strategic planning summit. The group included over 50 diverse, experienced professionals — former bankers, legislators, authors and academics, as well as grassroots organizers, political organizers, and labor leaders. All attending spent their weekend devoted to strategizing how to make Public Banks that have a mandate to serve the public interest a reality for our states and cities.

How’d it go? Read this inspiring Twitter thread from David Jette of Public Bank LA for a taste of the shared energy.

Watch this short video from grassroots organizer extraordinaire Carlos Marroquin of the Bernie Sanders Brigade and Yes CA Public Bank to see how hard at work we all were at the ongoing workshops.

What’s next? Look for a media and social media primer as well as many other important initiatives to support those hard at work on the ground.

[watch the video]

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