PBI Launches Public Banking Caucus

PBI Chair Walt McRee has announced the creation of a bi-partisan Public Banking Caucus, a strategic campaign to link together the many local and state elected and appointed officials (and candidates) already supporting public banking.

Mike Krauss, PBI founding director and chair of the Pennsylvania Project, has been selected to lead this effort. The Pennsylvania Project was the first PBI affiliate.

“As many in the public banking community know, Mike Krauss is one of our ablest and most respected public banking advocates,” said McRee. “As a former officer of Pennsylvania county and state government, and a former Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee, he brings to the task a unique understanding of the way in which public policy is advanced by citizens through the political process.”

Efforts to identify local and state officials (and candidates) who support public banking are already underway.

Krauss is asking the PBI community to assist in assembling a roster of public banking advocates who are either currently in local or state government or running for public office.

The info can be provided via the attached Google form.

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