PBI Welcomes Daniel Hicks

171114_daniel_hicks_1026.jpgPBI is pleased to introduce a new member of our national leadership with the appointment of Daniel Hicks as Director of Media Relations. Daniels’s role with PBI will be to build deeper ties with the media and produce new materials that expand the understanding of Public Banking and its relevance to the national media discussion.  

Daniel is a journalist, economist, TV producer, world traveler and dual faculty member at the University of Miami. He managed network coverage from Los Angeles for NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC and other network channels and graduated from Columbia University’s School of Journalism. His list of travel experiences is dizzying.

Such deep media experience should be valuable to PBI’s mission ...

Such deep media experience should be valuable to PBI’s mission of educating and motivating public policy toward Public Banking in our cities, counties and states. How public partnership banking is presented to the media creates the initial and working public impressions which are critical drivers of public involvement.

Daniel says, “Ten years after the financial crisis, the work of the Public Banking Institute is more important than ever. … PBI is uniquely positioned to build a coalition of public and private sector allies to spearhead a modern movement behind the idea of a more inclusive and sustainable financial system.”

We’re delighted and proud to welcome Daniel to our team and look forward to continuing the expansion of our media capabilities. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Walt McRee

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