PBI Programs Include:

  1. Support of Local Initiatives:  We facilitate the establishment of PBI chapters domestically and internationally to carry out the organizing work necessary to create public banks.  We also consult with individuals and small groups who are interested in exploring the creation of a public bank in their area.
  2. New Economy Academy:  We are establishing the premier online resource for educating about the history of money and the power of public banks, in the context of the vibrant new economy movement that is unfolding globally.
  3. National Conferences:  In 2012, we hosted a landmark national conference in Philadelphia. In 2013, our highly successful conference in San Rafael, California had over 700 attendees, In 2014, we co-hosted national conferences in Philadelphia and Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  4. The Sunshine Project:  This project's purpose is to analyze the budgets of cities and states to determine the cost of doing business with the big banks.  A more limited version of this type of analysis revealed for example that Los Angeles is spending over $200 million annually just on fees and other costs of banking with the big banks (costs that would be eliminated by instead doing business with a bank owned by the public).
  5. PBI Feasibility Study/Consulting Team:  PBI has assembled an expert team for the purpose of supporting municipalities and states to determine the costs, benefits, and overall feasibility of a public bank.
  6. Media Resources: PBI has press kits, letter-writing resources, instructional and promotional videos, and message points for members of the press or others who are interested in writing or multimedia approaches to public banking.

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