Public Bank rally held with coalition calling for San Francisco Public Bank

San Francisco Public Bank rally Apr 25, 2018

San Francisco Public Bank rally Apr 25, 2018. Photos by Alyssa Kamp.


On the day of Bank of America’s shareholder meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, an alliance of 14 organizations including Public Bank SF, Divest SF, Friends of Public Bank of Oakland, Mazaska Talks, California Nurses Association, Code Pink, SEIU and more rallied at a Bank of America financial center in San Francisco and marched to City Hall to call on the SF Municipal Task Force to create a fully functioning Public Bank within the next five years.

From the group's press release:

“Our organizations represent San Franciscans who want a greener, more LGBTQ friendly, anti-racist, decarcerated, pro-indigenous, and more affordable city. … The organizations cosponsoring today’s protest are concerned that public bank task force members may follow Santa Fe and Los Angeles officials in using exorbitant start-up and operational costs of a public bank as an excuse to continue the city’s relationship with Bank of America and other Big Banks. … [Startup costs] would pay off in the long-run as a public bank can provide lower interest rates than the ones offered by Wall Street banks for public infrastructure projects …”

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From Kurtis Wu of Public Bank SF: 

"The following organizations were officially supporting the event. We estimate about 75 people showed up to the event." 

  • SF Defund DAPL
  • Idle No More SF Bay
  • SF Berniecrats
  • Democratic Socialist of America - SF Chapter
  • Sierra Club - SF Chapter
  • Fossil Free CA
  • Lakota Law Project
  • Mazaska Talks
  • San Francisco Queer Resistance
  • San Francisco Progressive Alliance
  • Amazon Watch
  • Code Pink
  • Harvey Milk Democratic Club
  • ACCE
  • CA Nurses Association

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