Public banking advocates storm the Capitol in support of California’s #AB857

CPBA Lobby Day Sacramento

CPBA Lobby Day Sacramento. Front Row L-R: Sushil Jacob, Trinity Tran, Mel Liu, Judy Young, Larry Cohen, Irene Montantes, Nassim Nouri, Margie Lewis, Lou Rigali, Jake Tonkel, Lee Clark, Rick Girling, Nick Cortez, Madeline Kelly Merritt, Jeff Olsen, Dan Shook, Victor Casas, Luca Barton, Brenda Gutierrez, Ben Gordon, Miguel Molina, Erica Stanojevic, Shelly Browning, Susan Harman. Photo courtesy California Public Banking Alliance.


Monday April 8 was an action-packed day of citizens' lobbying for #AB857 in Sacramento. The California Public Banking Alliance gathered advocates from all corners of California to talk public banking with legislators.

As posted by the Alliance: “Wall Street banks have proven that their interests are not aligned with California's communities. It's time for a solution.” Advocate Madeline Kelly Merritt posted the group received an incredible response.

CPBA is urging advocates of public banking to sign this letter of support for #AB857 to be sent to CA Assembly and Senate legislators. 

AB 857 is a state bill facilitating the establishment of public banks by California cities and counties. It was introduced March 19 by Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago and David Chiu and is sponsored by California Public Banking Alliance.

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