Public banking "arrives" from coast to coast, says the latest It's Our Money podcast

Public banking revolution arrives

Photo by Miguel Bruna


In this week's It's Our Money podcast, PBI Chair Ellen Brown and Co-Host Walt McRee report on the latest rapid-fire legislative developments. Walt introduces the episode:

The Public Banking Revolution Is Upon Us

The pace of public bank developments appears to have reached a new plateau. From turning revolving funds erroneously called infrastructure “banks” into depository banks capable of leveraging capital as real banks do, to new bank configurations that connect municipalities as virtual co-op bank partners, public banking is “arriving” from coast to coast. Ellen reports on where these new legislative developments are taking place and why they matter to the big picture of public bank adoption. Later, Ellen completes her conversation with global public bank expert Thomas Marois about how public banks provide more cost effective management of public funds and co-host Walt McRee brings the fourth installment of a centennial retrospective on the Bank of North Dakota with author and historian Mike Jacobs.

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