Public Banking Beat - August 17th, 2016

Are you curious about how other PBI activists are advancing the public banking message in their communities?  Check out these updates from our North Carolina and Canada affiliates.

Tar Heels on the Move

In North Carolina, PBI activists developed an info sheet for use in both raising public awareness and educating legislators.  The info sheet illustrates three mission-critical points for public banking in North Carolina:

  1. North Carolina approved a $2 billion bond in 2016. If it had borrowed the money from its own bank, it could have saved at least $207 million in interest

  2. A financial analysis showing that North Carolina already has over $112 billion to possibly use to fund its own public bank

  3. A bullet-point listing of all the advantages of public banking

According to PBI North Carolina Coordinator, Mack Arrington,

“When these facts get mentioned, state legislators pay attention.  It’s one sheet, double-sided, is easy to email, print, and hand out.”

Way to go, North Carolina!  Keep up the great work!


Our Northern Neighbors

Canada is considering using its public assets to provide much-needed services to its citizens.  By exploring alternatives to private banks, Canada may be able to finance new green energy, services for seniors, farm-to-table food delivery, coast-to-coast charging stations for electric cars, and much more.

Public banking advocates across Canada are pushing for Canada’s central bank to be the sole provider of loans for government spending.  Canadian business leaders have increased their criticism of Canada’s financial regulators for operating only in the interests of multinational corporations and depriving small businesses of loans.

There is a lot happening, and before this year is over, there will be a number of sectors of Canadian society who support Canada's involvement in PBI.


Many thanks to Alan Blanes for providing that report. Congratulations to our Northern neighbors for their tremendous efforts.

If you have an update to share about local efforts to advance public banking in your community, please email them (100 - 150 words) by the end of the day every Friday to:

Thank you all so much for continued dedication and efforts.

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