Public Banking Benefits

General Benefits of Public Banking

Public banking offers so many benefits to citizens/taxpayers and local and regional governments that many people around the world are amazed that we in the US only have one of them!  Let's explore some of the main benefits of public banks.

Stay tuned for the second video on examples of public banking in action, coming shortly!


How Public Banks Help Community Banks

In March 2012, the Public Banking Institute hosted a roundtable discussion that included Eric Hardmeyer of the Bank of North Dakota, Rick Clayburg of the North Dakota Bankers Association, and Gary Peterson of Lakeside State Bank in North Dakota. A primary perceived concern among community bankers has been that a public bank will compete with community banks. In fact, the role of the public bank is to prop up, aid, and partner with community banks. The testimony from Rick Clayberg and Gary Peterson is decisive in this regard.

You can listen to that discussion here.


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