Public Banking Institute Adds Three to Board of Directors

The Public Banking Institute continues to press forward in educating, assisting, and providing resources for local movements around the country to press for public banks in their cities, counties, and states. Recently, PBI added three new members to its Board of Directors

nichoe_s_photo2.JPGNichoe Lichen, a social worker in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has spent much of her life in local environmental, civil rights and economic justice work. In 2011, she was a co-founder of WeArePeopleHere! whose mission was to seek an antidote to plutocracy. Her focus has been to identify a positive, local remedy to a global challenge. In 2012, Nichoe introduced public banking as an achievable antidote to regaining control of dignity, hope and economic democracy at the local level. She co-organized Banking on New Mexico, which hosted an international public banking symposium in Santa Fe in September 2014. Nichoe serves on the Executive committee of that organization, speaking publically on public banking and coordinating the “Brass Tacks Team” which does technical research grounding public banking in facts and data. Her organization’s efforts led the City of Santa Fe to commission a public bank feasibility study in 2015.

Pamela Powers Hannley is co-director of Arizonans for a New Economy, a group that has been very successful in getting public Pamela_Powers_Hannley.jpg
banks on the public agenda in Arizona. Pamela holds a masters' degree in public health from the University of Arizona. Her experience includes working in communications and public relations, as well as being the managing editor of an academic medical journal. She has been a contributor to the Huffington Post, communications director for Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Tucson Chapter, and co-chair of the Arizona Democratic Progressive Caucus. She has received fifteen awards in communication or photography during her career. 

MattChickenShack.jpgMatt Stannard is policy director at Commonomics USA, and a longtime activist for economic justice. Matt has been assisting PBI with communication and messaging strategies since 2013. A former national championship-winning debate coach, Matt has also assisted in litigation in Kenya on behalf of the indigenous Samburu, published work on criminal procedure in interstate marijuana cases, and helped victims of domestic violence navigate the court system in Wisconsin. In 2009, he taught 100 Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish students how to debate in occupied Iraq. His articles at Occupy, Common DreamsNation of Change and other publications have reached thousands of readers. Matt's education includes a J.D. from the University of Wyoming.

 The three new members join a Board consisting of emeritus member Ellen Brown, Board chair Walt McRee, along with Christapher Cogswell, Rickey Gard Diamond, and Lawrence Taubman. 

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