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Leaders of the Public Banking Institute are involved in research, education, and planning all over the country. On this page, you'll find the latest news about the Institute and its staff.


How Secret Wall Street Fees Are Bleeding Our Cities Dry
U.S. Uncut, February 19, 2016
The Public Banking Institute’s (PBI) What Wall Street Costs America project is shining light on the fact that fees paid to private Wall Street banks simply for managing accounts for state and local tax dollars is bankrupting communities across the country. The combined total for all 50 states may be as high as $4 trillion. PBI has launched a crowdfunding campaign to find the true cost of what private Wall Street banks really cost in major cities in all 50 states . . .

Interview: A Paradigm Shift in Banking
Quantum Matrix Radio, February 10, 2016
Walt McRee is the Chairman of the Public Bank Institute (PBI), and a senior adviser to PBI from its earliest days in 2011. He also served as Director of the Pennsylvania Public Bank Project . . ., January 27, 2016
. . . Ellen Brown a US litigation attorney , author of the "Web of Debt" and president of the Public Banking Institute advocates a Public Bank system along the lines of the state-owned Bank of North Dakota functioning successfully to this day since its inception in 1919. North Dakota owes much of its economic resilience to this fact, being only one of two states in the USA which is solvent with a budget surplus, low unemployment and availability of low-cost loans for farmers, businesses and students.

Bloomberg Bid to Pit Populists Against Wall Street--U.S. Institute President
Sputnik News, January 26, 2016
. . . Brown noted that in a three-party race with Clinton and Trump, Bloomberg would likely steal votes from Clinton. "In a Trump vs. Sanders race, he could steal votes from either candidate — from Trump as unacceptable to establishment Republicans, or from Sanders as unacceptable to establishment Democrats."


Economics of Happiness: What Localization Means for the Bottom Line
Portland Tribune, March 17, 2015
...implementing local banks would afford communities “a huge capital base and a huge deposit base, that [cities could] then leverage into more loans,” says Ellen Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute, who also argues that local banks can actually be less susceptible to the risky web that is regularly spun from the FDIC.

How to Borrow Cheaply from a Government-Owned Bank Money Morning, February 25, 2015
... attorney, would-be California treasurer, and the founder and president of the Public Banking Institute Dr. Ellen Brown says the bank is healthy and profitable.

How Public Banking is Winning the West
The Indypendant, February 19, 2015
A series of meetings on public banking took place in Seattle in December, featuring the state coalition, the Public Banking Institute, and several ...

Banking on the Environment
Boulder Weekly, February 5, 2015
...banking is that the public sets the agenda of the banks,” says Gwen Hallsmith, executive director of the Public Banking Institute in Sonoma, ...

Christopher Daly: City needs a public bank, not a Doyle Square hotel
The Cap Times (Madison), February 11, 2015
The Public Banking Institute has laid out how municipalities and states may endeavor to do this, and I am proposing that Madison establish a ...

Mayoral Candidates Should Consider Public Banking
The Cap Times (Madison), January 14, 2015
We believe, as does the Public Banking Institute, “Our current private banking system has presided over the greatest concentration of wealth in ...

Greece: From Austerity to Prosperity? Conversations with Ellen Brown and Binoy Kampmark. Global Research News Hour Episode 91
Global Research, January 31, 2015
Ellen Brown of the Public Banking Institute explains the role of Goldman Sachs and other mega banks in setting up Greece for a fall, and how the Mediterranean ...

The crash of 2016: Wall Street gets ready
OpEd News, January 8, 2015
Author of the forthcoming novel "Pursuits of Happiness," a director of the Public Banking Institute and chairman of the Pennsylvania Project. Mike is an ...


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