Public Banking Institute Secures Matching Gift--Needs Your Donations to Make It Go All the Way!



A message from Shara Smith, PBI Development Director

Great news!  The Public Banking Institute has secured its first matching donor in support of PBI’s April/ May Fundraising Campaign.  DoubleMoney.jpgThe anonymous donor has agreed to match all standard donations, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 for the months of April and May.  This means that a $50 donation will have an impact of $100.  A $100 donation will have an impact of $200.  This is an excellent opportunity to double the impact of your support for the Public Banking Institute.

Make a gift today, at

There are over 75 cities, states, and municipalities across the country interested in public banks.  An investment of $1,000 (less than $85/ month) helps cover the travel and training costs associated with sending a public banking expert to a vulnerable community to advise them on setting up their own public bank.  This can make a huge difference in increasing the number of public banks in the US.  Currently, the Bank of North Dakota is the sole public bank in the country--and as you'll read below, BND an incredibly successful bank!

The extractive practices of private Wall Street banks have devastated our economy and our communities.  Supporting the Public Banking Institute’s efforts means putting an end to these practices, and giving communities an alternative to school closings, pension cuts, infrastructure cut-backs, and decreased funding for small businesses.

To make a one-time contribution, visit Remember--it will be matched! 

To increase the impact of your gift, sign up for a monthly contribution at

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