Public Banking Momentum Grows By Leaps and Bounds

Dear Public Banking Institute supporters:

2014 was quite a year for the public banking movement.  We saw significant breakthroughs for public banking movements on the ground, for PBI as an organization, and in overall awareness about public banking via major media stories such as in The Wall Street Journal.

In 2014, we at PBI worked for a transformed banking and monetary system in the following ways:

  • We supported the formation of public banks by inspiring and supporting local groups to lead public banking initiatives all over the nation (and the world). 
  • We interfaced with elected officials, providing them educational materials, consulting, and strategies for moving public banks forward. We are in active communication with political leaders from Los Angeles to Seattle, from New Hampshire to Florida, and everywhere in between.
  • We supported conferences for people of all backgrounds to learn about public banks and take the next steps in their areas.  In 2014, we were instrumental in leading conferences in Santa Fe and Philadelphia, and sponsored an energetic of young people and economists in New York City who are rethinking our economic assumptions.  These efforts led to a renewed intensification of the public banking effort in Seattle, culminating in a series of meetings involving elected officials, citizens, and myself in December 2014.
  • We made connections to local, alternative and national news media, and usually had a hand in major articles that came out such as recently in the Wall Street Journal and Salon.comEllen Brown's powerful, tireless writing continued to spread our message far and wide. 
  • And we began offering inspiring and informative courses on a variety of subjects around the creation of a new economy that creates prosperity for all, at The New Economy Academy.  This online education program is a foundation for education and research on democratizing our monetary system through new ownership models and management systems that put people first, local investment structures, new ways to measure economic progress, public banking models, complementary currencies, and re-imagining the study of economics so that it recaptures its roots as a moral philosophy.

The support of many PBI members helped make these activities possible. But we need your sustained assistance to continue this work.  Public banking can be implemented in places besides North Dakota in 2015 - but to help make this happen, we need your financial support.

We are asking everyone who wants a new, just banking and monetary system to become a PBI Member today If everybody on our 11,000-person mailing list made a small contribution of $5-$10 per month, (or more), this wouldhave a revolutionary impact on the scope and capacity of the Public Banking Institute.


The Board and Staff of the Public Banking Institute



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