Reading a Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Dan Osterman, a prominent public banking advocate from Michigan, and Gwendolyn Hallsmith, will offer a workshop on how to read the CAFR from your local, regional, or state government to try and identify where the money would come from to start a public bank.

Learn all of the ways that municipalities, counties, regions, and states put money away in different reserve accounts, sinking funds, rainy day funds, and capital funds to shield the governments from financial surprises, while at the same time giving the banking industry a significant amount of the money they gamble on risky derivatives and other less secure financial instruments. Learn how to make that taxpayer funded capital available for public purposes locally, instead of continuing to enrich the banker class.

Course is for PBI members (become one today for as little as $5/month!).  Please note that course time is PACIFIC time.


February 20, 2015 at 9am - 10:30am

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