San Leandro moves forward to cut ties with Wells Fargo

Divest from Wells Fargo

Photo courtesy EastBay Citizen


Following the example of a growing number of California cities, East Bay’s San Leandro released a Request for Proposals for a full-service bank to replace Wells Fargo, a full year after the city voted to divest the city from the scandal-ridden bank. San Leandro could be part of the proposed East Bay Public Bank.

The report by Steven Tavares in EastBay Citizen noted:

“With smoke from the Northern California wildfires choking the air in San Leandro, several members of the public at the finance meeting urged for greater urgency. ‘We all know that a city council is capable of moving quicker if our lives depended on it and you’re not behaving in that fashion,’ said San Leandro resident Lawrence Abbott.”

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