Santa Fe Rolls Out New Public Banking Campaign

September 13th BankingOnNewMexico rolled out a new Public Banking campaign at the Fiesta Desfile de la Gente (Historical / Hysterical parade). Fiestas have been celebrated in Santa Fe for 301 years.

santafepbi.jpgThis beautiful 59 Chevy Truck helped introduce many thousands of Fiesta celebrants to Public Banking. Participants in Santa Fe fiestas have a strong sense of history, cultural identity and love vintage vehicles!         

We received many questions about the truck and questions about what a Public Bank is and how it would work for Santa Fe. Public Bank advocates distributed Public Banking stickers to many eager children along the long, densely packed parade route. 

The City of Santa Fe is exploring the feasibility of establishing A City of Santa Fe Public Bank.  The study results will be made public before the Santa Fe City Council by the end of December of this year.  A legal opinion has been completed that answers the question, “Can the City of Santa Fe establish a Public Bank.” The opinion will be released to the public within the next few weeks.

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